May 18, 2012


    This is one of my favorite photos of all time.  (well, with the caption).  A democracy usually lasts only a couple hundred years, and it follows the same cycle – 1) the working class who had been disenfranchised by the wealthy finally raise up and dethrone the monarchy via coup, and establish a new voting government where each member has an equal say.  Then – as time goes on, the clever people in the society figure out how to beat the system, and the clever people congregate to do each other favors until they whap down the middle class – who then revolt in a coup and the cycle starts again.

    This time is different.  This time there is FOX News.  It’s brilliant!  Make the poor and disenfranchised feel like they’re on the same team as the wealthy!  Make them want to support the wealthy so that they can create jobs and prosperity for the working class.

    But it doesn’t work like that.  When you give tax breaks, etc. to the rich – they put it in trusts that are locked down for a generation, money never to see the light of day.  Anybody rich is an investor.  And what do investors NEVER invest on?  Middle class people.  Not hard to figure out people!  When you’re out there picketing for conservative clauses, picture the rich people below laughing at you – because trust me I know – they laugh at the picketers, about this hard:

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  • Gary, the rise and fall of democracies, this cycle you’re describing, hasn’t even happened yet. What came before us was a monarchy, so we are the first guinea pig in democracy. We haven’t failed yet, and you’re already extrapolating to what comes next based on previous democratic cycles that have never happened. What’s worse, you’re using a picture of people laughing with a caption that has nothing to do with what actually transpired. There are democracies that never really got off the ground like Russia’s. Then, there are democracies that started out so corrupt they were never transparent enough to work. Then there was the ancient Greek democracy, which was a product of its own time. There is no cycle that fits all ages and cultures. We go through our own cycles of correction, each one unique and based on our present situation. Are the rich are preventing people from succeeding here? It depends on what business you’re in, but for the most part, no. There’s a reason why folks come from India and succeed far above average Americans – they’re willing to sacrifice for long term gain. People tell me they’re broke with “Sent from my iPhone”. Huh? Maybe Americans need another great depression.

  • Remember, Gary does not even live here in the U.S. so he really don’t care.  He is so quick to bash but he is so quick to earn a dollar in the same economic atmosphere he bashes. 

  • They invest in growing their business. Yes they invest elsewhere too but it is these guys who are creating jobs. As you well know anyone who has a job also has the opportunity to make more of themselves.

    As for wealth trickling down a dvd player once cost $400, now they cost $25, as things get cheaper to produce those savings are passed down and people have greater access to better things now than they ever have and that will continue to get better. You would not drop the price of your products now that you have made a lot of money from them yet this is precisely what big business does. As the rich get richer the poor have more things, better things so are richer too.

    The creation of wealth has done more to alleviate poverty in the last 25 years than at any time in history. We are not in a perfect world but this also will continue.

    Rich people invest money – that was your argument. Pretty poor man. I think you are smarter than that. There is a much bigger picture than that simplistic analysis.

  • You know where investment money goes, right?

    Not in a tub that never sees the light of day. Interest doesn’t come from someone’s good will.

  • Spot on Gary. Your Koolaid drinking commenters are still being laughed at.

  • “But it doesn’t work like that.  When you give tax breaks, etc. to the rich – they put it in trusts that are locked down for a generation, money never to see the light of day.”   Really?  you can’t be that stupid.  So they should be taxed, their money taken away from them so some politician (who is smarter with money) can decide who gets it?

    You should read a little.  And if your not an American and in fact live in another country – please shut up!

    Thank goodness for Fox News, ALL of the other news outlets tell the same story over and over again.  With no real reporting OR investigating.

    OTHERWISE fblau the only thing to drink is Koolaid.   I guess maybe with enough of that koolaid you won’t mind paying the federal government 3.8% TAX on the sale of your home.  (Oh and that’s for the working class too genius!)

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