April 20, 2012

  • “…we’ve attempted to pay them back as much money as we can but unfortunately we are going bankrupt

    Wedding Photography can devastate you financially.  In asking for horror stories from wedding photographers, somebody shared with me how they photographed a wedding for $500, and half of the photos didn’t turn out (accidental reformat of one of the cards) so the couple sued them and got $37,000!!!  (they lost their home and their retirement accounts).  

    Here is another story from the UK published in the Daily Mail.  The couple published their terrible photographs online, and the paper interviewed the wedding photographer, who had gone bankrupt refunding money to dissatisfied couples.

    If you aren’t well trained and experienced at wedding photography, you can shoot weddings at high risk.  But be warned – this type of publicity is making couples more bold at suing their wedding photographers.

    You may think you’re just going out and shooting somebody’s wedding for a modest cost, but if somebody trips over your bag at a reception and gets injured, and you don’t have an LLC or Corporation, and you don’t have liability insurance – you could lose everything you have.  

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  • That is something worth knowing. Thank you for sharing.

  • Apparently that photographer never heard of recovery software that is free that can recover images from reformatted cards.  And the way to get around needing liability insurance is to not have a bag with you.  Get all you need in your coat pockets and wear a fanny pack for a couple extra lenses. If something happens you need something else, take a quick break and go out to the car and get it or where ever you have your bag stored.  You do not need to have lights on stands all over the place. A on camera flash with the right accessories is all you need or maybe someone holding an off camera flash on a monopod if you need.  Just keep it simple.

  • “getting around liability insurance?”.. have you really thought about the comment above..?? I’m all about keeping it simple BUT REALLY!!!

  • Hey, I can’t afford it.  With being a caregiver to my father (unable to work a regular job) and only having so far 2 weddings this year and 1 portrait session, I have to concentrate on other things and insurance is last on my list.  Been shooting weddings full time in 12 years, never needed it cause I keep it simple as do must professionals around me do. Only shooting with on camera flash and your camera bag locked up in your car or in a room at the church or where ever.  Only carry maybe 1 or two extra lenses in your coat pocket or a fanny pack you wear all the time.  There is nothing for anyone to do to get hurt.  You do what you have to do.

  • I have car insurance because in this state it is the law and my veterans disability pays for it.  If something happens in my business and I get sued, they can have my doublewide with the rotten floors that I cannot afford to fix. Besides my contract covers the “failure to perform” bit, I have a 2nd shooter PLUS a good pro friend of mine whose entire family shoots will shoot for me as I have shot for him on occasions so I got that covered.  If it came down to medication or food or insurance I’m sure you would get insurance and you and your family go hungry or do without heart medication.  Don’t judge until you walk in my shoes.

  • Gary. your spot focus and recompose video..that technique only works with some lenses. Not all lenses hold focus when you zoom back to recompose.  Without stating that in your video it will cause some people to get blurry out of focus images.

  • These shots are much better than David Jay’s LMAO.

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